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We recently explored Legends!

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We left mid-morning from Physeqfit guest house on safari from Pretoria for Limpopo province, location of Legends golf and safari resort only 2,5 hours away. Our three-night safari from Pretoria turned out to be a lovely stay. The weather was great, not too hot. The golf course green and very challenging with warthogs, zebra and impala joining us for a round of golf. Fellow golfers made their way to the 19th hole on top of the mountain by helicopter. The lions caught a wildebeest almost in the safari camp, something we have never seen. The sunset safari drives were amazing especially when we made our way to the hippo dam. Snacks and drinks were served on every safari drive. We took lovely sunrise and sunset pictures while on safari from Pretoria. Corporates can have team building events and conferences at Legends. Ample facilities allow for a great breakaway and team building safaris from Pretoria. Join us and let’s arrange your next safari from Pretoria.

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We spent the last few days at Kosmos manor boutique hotel while on selected Pretoria tours. The hotel overlooks the Hartbeespoort dam. We would leave after breakfast on a chosen Pretoria tour and return late afternoon. Lovely lunches were enjoyed while en route. The Pretoria tour to a nearby African Village was a highlight. Going to the cheetahs and elephants were fantastic too. We thoroughly enjoyed the lovely swimming pool at the hotel as it was quite hot on return from a tour. The Hartbeespoort dam was built in the 1930’s. Vervet monkeys on the road and in the brush greeted us early morning while jogging and cycling before breakfast. The sailboats from the nearby yacht club often passed by the hotel, quite nice to view them while in the pool.

Rain clouds gathering!

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It’s rainy season here in South Africa, more specific the interior including Pretoria and Johannesburg region.
The watery cloud view from here at the office of and 
looks promising. It’s very dry out here and very hot! Temperatures around 39°C have been recorded. Most of the Pretoria tours are lovely just after the rains. The air is crispy clear and ideal for pictures. One of our Pretoria tours enables guests to view Pretoria city area from above by being on top of one of three hilltops overlooking the city.   Other Pretoria tours lead to the Cheetah sanctuary where guests tour the sanctuary and learn more about the Cheetah. We also have amongst others, Pretoria tours departing for the Cradle of Humankind.

Pretoria Tours

Cake and Coffee!

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This looks lovely, our guests from the USA on a day trip from Pretoria with enjoying their morning cake and coffee here at Soon we will be on our way to the Cullinan Diamond mine for a tour of the mine. The Cullinan Diamond mine is an open cast mine, over a 100 years old and still actively producing diamonds. The world’s largest diamond was found at this mine. We should be done by mid-afternoon after which our day trip from Pretoria will lead us to an African Cultural Village about 100km from the mine. African villages, dances and cuisine await. Depending on what we feel like tomorrow, we might go on another day trip from Pretoria before heading for Cape Town on Rovos Rail. 

Soon it’s Marula fruit season.

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We passed by a number of  Sclerocarya(“hard nut”) birrea(species) or commonly known as Marula trees while on a day trip from Pretoria. The trees are one of southern Africa’s most valued deciduous trees. The fruit turns yellow when ripe and is thought to be savoured by humans, elephants, giraffe, kudu and warthogs. Amarula cream liquor, chocolates and fudge are often enjoyed by our guests while visiting and on safari in the Kruger National Park. Our day trip from Pretoria allowed us time to explore these trees and their seeds. The trees tend to grow large if not disturbed by animals such as elephants often scraping the tree’s bark or taking down branches to reach their leaves. The fruits are slightly smaller than a golf ball with little to eat under that skin. Sucking it is one way to get a taste of the fruit. Our day trip from Pretoria to the elephant sanctuary turned out to be a lovely experience given the time spent with Marula trees while enjoying coffee along the way. We thought of overnighting at a nearby hotel but opted to return home to Physeqfit guest house  in Centurion to overnight before heading out on a day trip from Pretoria to an African cultural village in the morning.

Day Trips from Pretoria

Welcome to South Africa all the way from Europe!

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Our guests joined us on safari from Pretoria.

We saw elephants soon after entering the park, giraffe in the distance, waterbuck, lots of impala and wildebeest. The kudu’s, wow! A herd of Cape buffalo enjoying fresh grasses in a marshy field below the main dam wall.
Just missed the rhinos, their tracks clearly visible.

We pulled over for snacks and drinks about halfway. The droë wors (dried sausage) was delectable, the dried fruit too. A variety of wines, beers, ciders, soft drinks and bottled water was on hand to everyone’s delight. All this in the middle of the African bush. Nearby impala males snorted, leapt and kicked up clouds of dust, challenging each other for dominance. Quite a show it was!

On return to camp, we made our way to an African Cultural Village. The African arts and craft market en route to the village allowed for some interesting price haggling, all to our guest’s delighted!
The indigenous tribal cultures at the African cultural village were of great interest. Zulus in full battle gear called out! Sotho and Xhosa homesteads offered guests insight into tribal culture and tribal lifestyle.

A delicious dinner at the village was amongst many other, a highlight of the day. For meat lovers, crocodile and ostrich complimented by chicken, lamb stew, beef, salads, rolls and dessert were on the menu. An after-dinner glass of lovely South African red wine around the village campfire while reflecting on a fantastic day’s activities and experiences neatly rounded off the day…… just lovely! An amazing day trip from Pretoria indeed, combined with a safari from Pretoria into the African bush.


Off he goes, back to France!

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Off he goes, back to France! Sauter arrived in South Africa about two months ago and stayed with us at Physeqfit guest house

His aim, get BMW 800 GS off-roader, go on a couple of day trips from Pretoria to later explore parts of Southern Africa. Kitted out two days later on a brand new Beemer and off he went. No word from him until about 5 days ago. Saturday afternoon and the gate bell rings. He’s back! What a ride, he did about 10 000 km! Started out on a trip from Pretoria and headed for the Karoo to view the beautiful flowers of Namakwaland. Cut through the Northern Cape and into Namibia, a very long lonely road indeed. It’s dry desert out there but keep going, the kilometres pass by, by nightfall you’re at the overnight destination. Next day, same thing till you reach Windhoek, Capital city of Namibia. Swing north-west down the Caprivi strip and aim for Katima Mulilo to reach the borders with Angola, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Getting gasoline supplies in Zimbabwe was a bit of a struggle but hey, it’s all part of the experience. Large trucks kicked up a clouds of dust he said. Not the easiest way to navigate for a lone rider trying to pass a truck covered in a cloud of dust. He made it through Zim and entered South Africa at Beitbridge. Stayed over in the town of Polokwane to arrive back in Pretoria two days later. Laundry done, bike washed and lots of sleep to catch up. Let us know when you are back in town or planning another trip from Pretoria, we will gladly assist and hook you up with the guys here in Cape Town for that bike rental.

Two-night stay – Pilanesberg National Park

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Welcome to our 8 guests from Norway! They will be joining us in South Africa on safari to the Pilanesberg National Park, April 2019! All booked and set. Looking forward to meeting you on arrival! The safari drive to the Pilanesberg National Park is around 2 hours. The Pilanesberg National Park is located within a volcano with the rim of the volcano clearly visible on a sunny day. If there is time, let’s go on a day trip from Pretoria or on return, perhaps one of the Pretoria tours. Let’s chat when you are over here. A fantastic safari awaits!

Pretoria Tours Pretoria Tours

Cullinan Diamond Mine

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Yesterday, we went on a day trip from Pretoria to the Cullinan diamond mine. The weather was lovely, numerous curio stores and tearooms awaited. A family of banded Mongooses came by, even allowed us close-ups with them. The purple bougainvillaea was lovely and oh so big! Our guests from the USA thoroughly enjoyed their Pretoria tour to the Cullinan diamond mine, even bought some Jewelry to take home. Tomorrow we are off on a day tour from Pretoria to a Cheetah Centre. The centre is home to a number of cheetahs including African wild dog. A fantastic day trip from Pretoria awaits! Later on the afternoon we will be off to the airport to meet guests going on a Cape Town tour but will overnight with us in Centurion at Physeqfit guest house

Their Cape Town tour should be a memorable experience.

Hippos in the sun

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Yesterday, while on a day trip from Pretoria with friends on a Johannesburg tour joining us on safari from Pretoria, we came across these hippos on the waters edge spending time in the sun. We couldn’t get closer for a clearer picture without drawing the hippo’s attention. The white-faced ducks and ibises were unfazed by our presence. Hippos tend to spend their days in the water thus protecting themselves from predators. They normally leave the water at dusk and sometimes return at dawn after spending the night grazing.

Day Trips from Pretoria