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  Leopard Tortoise! 

Our day trip from Pretoria led us to Dinokeng Game Reserve. A beautiful Leopard tortoise just crossed the road soon after we departed on our safari from Pretoria at the reserve. One would imagine a tortoise to be very slow but not this guy. We came around a bend in the road, saw something move, just to realise it is a leopard tortoise. They are the largest species in southern Africa and can weigh up to 13kg! He quickly disappeared into the brush. A couple of Impalas did not like our presence and took off as fast as they could. We move on and make our way to a nearby dam hoping to see hippos in the water. We often find the hippos while and day trips from Pretoria to the reserve. If the hippos are around we should opt to have snacks at the hide over there as it is always nice to watch the hippos from there. Our next safari from Pretoria will perhaps be a day trip from Pretoria to the Pilanesberg National Park.

Check out these Cape Buffalo spotted yesterday while on safari from Pretoria.

Our guests from the UK touring South Africa for 12 days from Pretoria to Cape Town, thoroughly enjoyed one of the morning Pretoria tours rounding off the day with a sunset safari from Pretoria at a nearby game reserve.
It was hot in the park, around 38 °C. Some buffalo enjoyed a mud bath while browsing the riverbed. The mud serves as protection against the hot African sun and various bugs. The bulls were large and kind of hidden in the nearby brush.
Tomorrow we’re off on a day trip from Pretoria for Johannesburg before leaving for Cape Town. The weather forecast looks great, perhaps an afternoon shower or two. Instead of flying to Cape Town, we decided on a lovely three-day drive to Cape Town, really looking forward to it. We will leave early morning from and pass through the Karoo with all its uniqueness to check in for a fantastic farm stay along the way, perhaps even go to the town of Prince Albert, it should be amazing!


Our two, day trips from Pretoria ended with a lovely afternoon safari from Pretoria with friends on a Pretoria tour joining us on safari in Dinokeng Game Reserve. Wow, these two elephants came so close to the safari vehicle we could almost touch them! We were actually on the lookout for Giraffe though. We saw Kudu, Zebra, Impala but no Giraffe and yet yesterday they were everywhere! What a lovely surprise when these two elephants came walking down the trail. Both elephants were quite curious about our presence, smelling the air by lifting their trunks. The younger elephant soon decided to move on. The large female stayed a bit longer, perhaps not quite sure as to what or who “we” are. Lifting her trunk, smelling the air, stepping forward, stepping backwards….. Beautiful!
Tomorrow we will be off to our hotel in Cape Town for four nights enjoying Cape Town tours and a garden route tour all led by African Tracks Safaris. We spent the last two nights at Physeqfit Guest House  while on Pretoria tours. The location of the guest house made it easier to and from the airport and to destinations on our itinerary. The traffic in and around Johannesburg makes it rather time-consuming to get to where we wanted to be. En route to the airport, we will be on a quick day trip from Pretoria to get a glimpse of Johannesburg. That should be nice, just enough time to make it on time to OR Tambo airport for our Cape Town flight. Our guide will drop us off at OR Tambo airport!

Treat yourself to an exquisite five-night Kruger National Park Safari Stay! 

Treat yourself to an exquisite Kruger National Park Safari Stay! Book with us, arrange with us. We have access to multiple safari camps in private concession areas in the Kruger National Park. On arrival in Pretoria South Africa, feel free to join us on a Pretoria tour prior to departing for the Kruger National Park safari. A Pretoria tour offer guests an opportunity to explore the Capital city of South Africa while doing a few last minutes gear and personal item checks before leaving on a Kruger National Park safari. Stay a night in Pretoria while on one of the Pretoria tours, we will fetch you from the airport on arrival in Johannesburg, South Africa and also arrange accommodation for you in Pretoria. A number of lovely local boutique hotels in Pretoria await. Get in touch and let’s arrange!  

 Welcome, New Zealand!

After many months of arrangements, the big day finally arrived! Welcome to our guests from New Zealand! Westlake Boys High, 1st XI Cricket team will be touring South Africa for the next couple of weeks. We left early this morning from Physeqfit Guest House to be on time for the group to join us on day safari from Pretoria at a game reserve near Pretoria. The highlight of the day safari from Pretoria was the six cheetahs we saw, wow! Never seen so many together in one area. The day was hot but the group enjoyed their safari from Pretoria. Tomorrow they are off to Durban and then Cape Town. Enjoy your time here in  South Africa guys! A real pleasure to finally meet!


Our guests from the Czech Republic had a fabulous safari from Pretoria! We entered the park early afternoon after picking them up from their hotel in Pretoria. Their flight from Europe arrived earlier the same morning. Traffic around the city was busy but quieted down on the freeway towards the park. We saw hippos in a dam, giraffe crossing the road right in front of the safari vehicle. Two rhinos were spotted in a distance. A crocodile came to investigate our presence when we passed by the water’s edge. We spent some time scanning the savanna hoping for more plains animals but no luck. The snacks and drinks were lovely. We stopped at a nearby dam for snacks and drinks. Wine, beer and soft drinks were served and the dried mango strips delicious. By nightfall we slowly returned to camp. Jackals appeared out of nowhere. A lovely safari from Pretoria indeed only 40 minutes away. Join us on safari from Pretoria next time you’re in town!