We left mid-morning from Physeqfit guest house http://physeqfit-guest.co.za on safari from Pretoria for Limpopo province, location of Legends golf and safari resort only 2,5 hours away. Our three-night safari from Pretoria turned out to be a lovely stay. The weather was great, not too hot. The golf course green and very challenging with warthogs, zebra and impala joining us for a round of golf. Fellow golfers made their way to the 19th hole on top of the mountain by helicopter. The lions caught a wildebeest almost in the safari camp, something we have never seen. The sunset safari drives were amazing especially when we made our way to the hippo dam. Snacks and drinks were served on every safari drive. We took lovely sunrise and sunset pictures while on safari from Pretoria. Corporates can have team building events and conferences at Legends. Ample facilities allow for a great breakaway and team building safaris from Pretoria. Join us and let’s arrange your next safari from Pretoria.

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