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Frequently Asked Questions


Day Tours

We stay in Sandton, Johannesburg and would like to join a day tour from Pretoria.

Guests are welcome to join our day tours departing from Pretoria while staying at a hotel in Sandton or Rosebank. The quickest way from Sandton and Rosebank to Pretoria is with the Gautrain.

It’s safe, it’s fast, it’s almost like the underground in London. Johannesburg traffic is extremely busy during morning and afternoon rush hours making it almost impossible to go by road to Pretoria and still arrive on time at a tour venue. Most hotels in and around Sandton City or Rosebank have shuttle busses to and from Sandton or Rosebank Gautrain stations. We can pick you up at the Centurion station or the Pretoria station depending on the chosen tour.

Grab a Gautrain Gold Card (looks like a credit card) at the service counter in the station, have it topped up for a return trip and off you go. No need to be concerned about having to switch trains, there is only one track between Johannesburg and Pretoria.


Packaged Tours

What kind of accommodation do we stay in?

South Africa’s hotels are world class. We have hotel chains like the Radisson Blue, The Hilton, The Sheraton etc. though we seldom stay in branded hotels.

We prefer to stay local in graded accommodation with its own unique ambience, feel and atmosphere. Our country houses and guest houses (boutique hotels) offer lovely accommodation adding to the local feel and experience.

Guests stay full board at Safari lodges – exquisite accommodation, yet in touch with Africa. 3 Meals, snacks, teas and coffees with 2 safari drives daily are generally included unless specified otherwise. The Safari lodges are often tucked away in private concession areas in Safari parks.

We don’t do camping Safaris but we can refer guests interested in camping to fellow operators that do.


What mode of transport do we travel in?

We travel in air-conditioned vehicles, often minivans and small to large buses while touring South Africa. Four-wheel drive vehicles are in use at the Safari lodges due to the terrain encountered.


What cuisine is on offer as we travel?

South Africa’s cuisine and wine are fantastic and reasonably priced. From pizza to burgers on take-out to fine dining in posh restaurants, it’s all here.  Guests love experiencing local restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries along the way. Wild game is often a menu. The small town coffee shop is always interesting.

Our tours do not include set lunches, dinners or coffees, teas and snacks along the way unless specified. It’s much nicer and more interesting to stop en route as and when we please at a local restaurant, coffee shop, tea garden or bakery for a meal, tea or coffee, lovely cheesecake, lemon meringue, apple tart or even milk tart. Do try koeksister too.


Are site guided tours or detail guided tours or activities included in a tour package?

Site guided tours or detail guided tours or activities along the route or in and around towns and cities where we stay such as going on an afternoon excursion to Robben Island or up Table Mountain or for the more adventurous, an aerial view of Cape Town by helicopter, are not included but optional, allowing guest’s freedom to choose or just to relax. Guests ever so often prefer to take it easy, to relax and perhaps only decide when arriving in a town, therefore the optional choice. We stop for coffee, tea, snacks, lunch, the bathroom and to take pictures or to view a town or the countryside as we travel while ensuring we arrive at our overnight destination as planned.


Are the tour package rates displayed on the web confirmed?

No, the tour and safari rates indicated are within range but will vary as it depends on the season, style of accommodation, hotels and Safari camps booked.



Cape Town and Cape coastal

Summer: September till April         10°C – 35/40°C

Winter: May till August                    -0°C – 18°C

Rainfall is in winter, often accompanied with gale force winds and stormy seas along the Cape coast.


Johannesburg/Pretoria and interior of South Africa

Summer: September till April         15°C – 35/40°C

Winter: May till August                    -0°C – 18°C

Rainfall is in summer.


Durban area

Summer: September till April         20°C – 35/40°C  Humid

Winter: May till August                    12°C – 25°C

Rainfall is in summer.


What to wear:


Sneakers, sandals, shorts, jeans – a light dress code


Jeans with a warmish coat are often sufficient during the day though not at night. It can go as low as -7°C at night with loads of frost and even snow to the interior of South Africa.


Bring with:

Camera – Nikon and Canon equipment and spares are available in most retail stores but could be limited when a specific item or component is sought.


Adaptor plugs

Mobile phone

Mobile phone charger

Laptop/Tablet if needed

Data storage – for backing up pictures taken



Sunscreen lotion but it can be purchased at a local store

Insect repellent but it can be purchased at a local store

Anything else you can think of not mentioned, but essential



Wifi is available in most hotels and even at some Safari lodges. The up and download speed and quality vary depending on the location. The amount of data available for up or download can be capped or limited in some hotels or Safari lodges.


Medication of a personal nature

Please ensure precautionary measures are taken against Malaria during stays in the Kruger National Park, and surrounding African countries. Please consult your doctor with regard to specific preventative medication for the region which can include vaccination for yellow fever (not in South Africa) etc.

Please bring some medication for colds, diarrhoea, allergies, itches etc. with, though we have good doctors, hospitals and pharmacies in the major towns and cities but, we are not always close to such towns.


Medical conditions

Please let us know if you have any serious medical condition(s)


Hospitals and emergency care

The major towns and cities have well equipped private hospital and emergency care facilities.


Dietary requirements

Guests usually enjoy the variety of cuisine and snacks but please do provide us with any specific dietary requirements if any, as we would like to inform the hotels or safari lodge kitchens in advance.

Please mention food allergies, if any. Some guests are allergic for example to nuts or dairy etc.


Travel insurance

Please be adequately insured in the event of cancellation or amendment of bookings before confirming your booking. Please be adequately insured during your travel.



Please ensure your visa is in order to enter South Africa should a visa be required.



No need to have your passport with all the time while travelling within South Africa. For identity purposes and any medical emergencies, it is recommended to have it on hand though. Passports are needed when entering the Kruger National Park and some other Safari Parks as visitor’s identification is verified on entry and when crossing country borders such as going to Victoria Falls.


Tap water

Tap water is drinkable but not in all towns, please ask your guide.


Roads we travel on

South Africa has modern paved roads of which some are tolled. We tend to stick to the major roads during long-distance travel but do go onto country roads once settled in at a town to explore.



All major credit cards are accepted – Visa, Master Card, Amex and Diners Club, though to a lesser extent


How much tip should I give?

Tipping is always enthusiastically received if guests are happy with the service. 10% is about the norm.



Victoria Falls


Hotel accommodation at Victoria Falls is of a high standard ranging from 4 to 5 star


Please keep your passport on hand once in Victoria Falls as one might want to cross the border into Zambia or go for a day safari to Botswana.


Single and multi-entrance visas can be purchased at the border posts if needed.


Kindly contact us if additional questions arise.