We passed by a number of  Sclerocarya(“hard nut”) birrea(species) or commonly known as Marula trees while on a day trip from Pretoria. The trees are one of southern Africa’s most valued deciduous trees. The fruit turns yellow when ripe and is thought to be savoured by humans, elephants, giraffe, kudu and warthogs. Amarula cream liquor, chocolates and fudge are often enjoyed by our guests while visiting and on safari in the Kruger National Park. Our day trip from Pretoria allowed us time to explore these trees and their seeds. The trees tend to grow large if not disturbed by animals such as elephants often scraping the tree’s bark or taking down branches to reach their leaves. The fruits are slightly smaller than a golf ball with little to eat under that skin. Sucking it is one way to get a taste of the fruit. Our day trip from Pretoria to the elephant sanctuary turned out to be a lovely experience given the time spent with Marula trees while enjoying coffee along the way. We thought of overnighting at a nearby hotel but opted to return home to Physeqfit guest house http://physeqfit-guest.co.za  in Centurion to overnight before heading out on a day trip from Pretoria to an African cultural village in the morning.

Day Trips from Pretoria