Off he goes, back to France! Sauter arrived in South Africa about two months ago and stayed with us at Physeqfit guest house

His aim, get BMW 800 GS off-roader, go on a couple of day trips from Pretoria to later explore parts of Southern Africa. Kitted out two days later on a brand new Beemer and off he went. No word from him until about 5 days ago. Saturday afternoon and the gate bell rings. He’s back! What a ride, he did about 10 000 km! Started out on a trip from Pretoria and headed for the Karoo to view the beautiful flowers of Namakwaland. Cut through the Northern Cape and into Namibia, a very long lonely road indeed. It’s dry desert out there but keep going, the kilometres pass by, by nightfall you’re at the overnight destination. Next day, same thing till you reach Windhoek, Capital city of Namibia. Swing north-west down the Caprivi strip and aim for Katima Mulilo to reach the borders with Angola, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Getting gasoline supplies in Zimbabwe was a bit of a struggle but hey, it’s all part of the experience. Large trucks kicked up a clouds of dust he said. Not the easiest way to navigate for a lone rider trying to pass a truck covered in a cloud of dust. He made it through Zim and entered South Africa at Beitbridge. Stayed over in the town of Polokwane to arrive back in Pretoria two days later. Laundry done, bike washed and lots of sleep to catch up. Let us know when you are back in town or planning another trip from Pretoria, we will gladly assist and hook you up with the guys here in Cape Town for that bike rental.